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Course Duration : 15 Hrs

Joomla is an object-oriented programming language. It is used in a variety of computing platforms, you can see it nearly everywhere nowadays, from embedded devices and mobile phones to enterprise servers and supercomputers. In the point of view of many IT experts, Joomla is a hot property of Sun Microsystem. Seriously speaking, Joomla has brought a lot of advantages to the software developers. Joomla is specially designed to be very user friendly. If compared with other programming languages, Joomla is easier to write, compile, debug and learn. This is because it uses automatic memory management and garbage collection. New learners can apply it easily within a short period of time.

Joomla Course Content

1. Introduction

2. Joomla2.5 Installation

3. Add content to home page

4. Discussing about default menus

5. Add menu items to mainmenu

6. Difference b/w component and module

7. Template Position (Module Position) and Site Layout

8. Menus

  • Creating new menu
  • Adding menu items to newly created menu

9. Site Content

  • Creating and Editing Content
  • publishing/Unpublishing content
  • Discuss About Access levels
  • Discussing About Readmore button
  • discussing about Pagenation
  • Inserting Images Into Articles
  • Discussing About Article Opitons
  • Discussing About Content&Article Manager

10. Discuusing About Menu item Types

  • Articles
  • UsersManager
  • Smart search
  • Newsfeeds
  • weblinks
  • wrapper

11. Default components

  • create banners
  • create contactform
  • joomla!update
  • newsfeeds
  • redirect
  • search
  • smart search
  • weblinks

12. Discussing about module manager

  • Archived Articles
  • Articles-Newsflash
  • Article Categories
  • banners
  • Footer
  • Latest News
  • Menu
  • Random Images
  • SmartSearchModule
  • Syndication Feeds
  • who’s Online
  • Articles Category
  • BreadCrumbs
  • CustomHTML
  • Feed Display
  • Latest Users
  • Most Read Content
  • Stastics
  • weblinks
  • Wrapper

13. Discussing about extension Manager.

  • why plugin is used
  • why component is used
  • why module is used

14. Discussing about extra functionality of website

  • Create Image galleries
  • Create Image Slideshow
  • Insert audio & video to articles.
  • Insert content into Articles,Menus,Modules
  • dropdown menus
  • accordions
  • tabs
  • article scrolling

15. Global Configuration

  • site settings
  • server settings
  • system settings
  • URL rewriting
  • Discussing about Editor
  • Discussing About Captcha

16. User Management

  • crating users
  • editing users
  • setting access levels
  • blocking users
  • deleting users

17. Discussing About Template Manager

  • How to Work With Default Templates
  • How to Assign Theme to The Particular Page
  • Editing Template
  • Template Creation from Scratch explain in sublime text2 editor

18. Discussing about module development

  • How To Create Simple Module from scratch explain in sublime text2 editor
  • Create a Module for Inserting Content to the DB from scratch explain in sublime text2 editor
  • Create a Module for Retrieving Content from the DB from scratch explain in sublime text2 editor
  • Create a Module for Inserting and Retrieving content from scratch explain in sublime text2 editor

19. How to Work with Forms

  • Inserting Form Data to DB

20. Mini Project explanation on FTP

21.Shopping Cart

Hands on use of Joomla to ensure you know how to control the admin section and create and edit content.

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