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Course Duration : 15 Hrs

jquery Course Content

Introduction of jquery

  • Introduction
  • features of jquery
  • syntax of jquery
  • how to write jquery program

Features of Jquery

  • jquery selectors
  • Introduction
  • Discussing about jquery selectors
  • Introduction to¬† Jquery filters
  • Discussing about all jquery filters theoretically and practically
  • jquery selector manipulation
  • Attribute manipulation
  • css manipulation
  • Discussing about css()
  • Discussing about all css methods
  • jquery functions and events
  • Helper functions
  • Bind()
  • Unbind()
  • jquery effects and animations
  • Discussing about effects
  • Discussing about animations
  • htmldom traversal
  • Inserting content(all methods)
  • Jquery rotator with program explanation
  • jqueryui
  • Introduction
  • interactions
  • widgets
  • effects
  • utilities
    • Jquery rotator with simple code
    • Jquery rotator without code
    • Simple Jquery slider
    • Jquerysliderhorizental
    • Jqueryslidevertical
    • Jquery slider with pager
    • Jquery 3d slider
    • Jqueryshuffle
    • Jqueryzoom
    • Popupwindow
    • Cloudzoom
    • Jquery form validation
    • Jquery form validation using plugin


  • Introduction
  • Load()
  • $.get
  • $.post
  • $.ajax
  • ajaxStart()
  • ajaxStop()
  • ajaxComplete()
  • serializeArray()
  • jquerymap

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