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Selenium with Python Online Training

Course Duration : 30 Hrs

Selenium with Python Course Content

Selenium with Python Overview

  • Introduction to Selenium with Python
  • Different Sectors using Selenium with Python
  • Python vs R
  • What is the role of a Data Analyst
  • What is the role of a Data Scientist
  • Opportunities in Selenium with Python

Getting Started

  • How to install Python on Windows
  • How to install Selenium for Python
  • Setting up Selenium with Python
  • PyCharm : IDE for Python

First Selenium Test

  • How to create first Selenium Python test

Different Browsers

  • How to run Selenium Python tests on Chrome | Headless Chrome
  • How to run Selenium Python tests on Firefox| Headless Firefox
  • How to run Selenium Python tests on Internet Explorer

WebDriver Manager

  • What is Webdriver manager?
  • Use of Webdriver manager
  • How to use Webdriver manager?

WebElements Locators

  • How to find Web Elements Locators in Selenium Python

CSS Selectors - Advanced Locators

  • Using Ids With CSS Selectors To Find Elements
  • How To Use Multiple CSS Classes To Find Elements
  • Using Wildcards With CSS Selectors
  • How To Find Child Nodes Using CSS Selectors

Xpath – Advanced Locators

  • Difference Between Absolute And Relative Xpath
  • How to Build An Effective Xpath
  • Using Text To Build An Effective Xpath
  • Build Xpath Using Contains Keyword
  • Build Xpath Using Starts-With Keyword
  • How To Find Parent and Sibling Nodes

WevDriver Scenarios

  • Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Web Elements
  • Browser Interactions Introduction
  • How To Click And Type On A Web Element
  • How To Work With Hidden Elements
  • Working With Hidden Elements -Practical Example
  • Working With Elements List
  • Understanding Dropdown Elements
  • Working With A Dropdown
  • Working With Navigational commands
  • Working with Conditional commands
  • Handling Implicit Wait
  • Handling Explicit Wait
  • Working with Links
  • Handling Alerts/Popups
  • Handling Frames/Iframes
  • Handling Different browser Windows
  • Handling Web Tables
  • scroll the Webpage
  • Handling Actions
  • Upload a file
  • Download a File using Chrome Browser
  • Radio Buttons And Checkboxes
  • Working With Cookies
  • Capture Screenshot
  • Working With Log File


  • How to read data from excel
  • Write Data into Excel
  • Data driven Testing Using Excel

Logging Infrastructure

  • Introduction To Logging Infrastructure
  • Changing The Format Of Logs
  • Logger - Console Example
  • Logger - Configuration File Example

Unit test Infrastructure

  • Unit test Introduction
  • Writing First Test Case
  • How To Implement Class Level
  • Setup And TearDown Methods ❖How To Assert A Test Method
  • How To Run Code From Terminal
  • How To Create A Test Suite

Pytest -> Advanced Testing Framework

  • Pytest Installation And First Script
  • Pytest Naming Conventions
  • How To Work With PyTest Fixtures
  • Pytest Fixture Update
  • Multiple Ways To Run Test Cases
  • Conftest -> Common Fixtures To Multiple Modules
  • How To Maintain Run Order Of Tests
  • Running Tests Based On Command Line Arguments
  • Structure Tests In A Test Class
  • How To Return A Value From Fixtures
  • Install PyTest HTML Plugin
  • How To Generate HTML Test Report
  • How to install and create Allure Reports

Automation Framework

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